American Bison Society Working Papers

DOI: 10.19121/2015.Series.XXXXX
Published 2007-2010


The American Bison Society (ABS), managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, works with a broad range of stakeholders to build the scientific and social bases for the long term ecological restoration of bison in North America. ABS and partners address information gaps by initiating research and papers on issues that require further exploration or synthesis, or where policy and guidelines are needed.

The ABS Working Paper Series is designed to share information with the conservation and bison stakeholder communities in a timely fashion. Working Papers address issues that are of immediate importance to helping restore bison and either offer new data or analyses, or offer new methods, approaches, or perspectives on rapidly evolving issues. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this Paper are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Bison Society or the Wildlife Conservation Society.


American Bison Society Working Paper 1
Redford, Kent H., and Eva Fearn, eds. (2007). Ecological future of bison in North America: A Report from a multi-stakeholder, transboundary meeting. (Previously published as WCS Working Paper 30.)

American Bison Society Working Paper 2
Brodie, Jedediah F. (2008). A Review of American bison (Bos bison) demography and population dynamics. (Previously published as WCS Working Paper 35.)

American Bison Society Working Paper 3
Nishi, John S. (2010). A review of best practices and principles for bison disease issues: Greater Yellowstone and wood buffalo areas.

American Bison Society Working Paper 4
Fuhlendorf, Samuel D., Brady W. Allred, and Robert G. Hamilton. (2010). Bison as keystone herbivores on the Great Plains: Can cattle serve as proxy for evolutionary grazing patterns?