WCS Canada Conservation Reports

DOI: 10.19121/2015.Series.XXXXX
Published 2006-2013


Wildlife Conservation Society Canada (WCS Canada)’s mission is to save wildlife and wildlands by improving our understanding of — and seeking solutions to — critical problems that threaten vulnerable species and large wild ecosystems throughout Canada. WCS Canada implements and supports comprehensive field studies to gather information on the ecology and behavior of wildlife. Then, it applies that information to resolve key conservation problems by working with a broad array of stakeholders, including local community members, conservation groups, regulatory agencies, and commercial interests. It also provides technical assistance and biological expertise to local groups and agencies that lack the resources to tackle conservation dilemmas.

The purpose of the WCS Canada Conservation Reports Series is to provide an outlet for timely reports on WCS Canada conservation projects. To learn more about WCS Canada, visit: To contact WCS Canada, write to:


WCS Canada Conservation Report 1
Weaver, John L. (2006). Big animals and small parks: Implications of wildlife distribution and movements for expansion of Nahanni National Park Reserve.

WCS Canada Conservation Report 2
Browne, David R. (2007). Freshwater fish in Ontario's boreal: Status, conservation, and potential impacts of development.

WCS Canada Conservation Report 3
Apps, Clayton D., John L. Weaver, Paul C. Paquet, Bryce Bateman, and Bruce N. McLellan. (2007). Carnivores in the southern Canadian Rockies: Core areas and connectivity across the Crowsnest Highway.

WCS Canada Conservation Report 4
Weaver, John L. (2008). Conserving caribou landscapes in the Nahanni Trans-border Region using fidelity to seasonal ranges and migration routes.

WCS Canada Conservation Report 5
Reid, Donald, Brian Pelchat, and John Weaver. (2010). Strategic conservation assessment for the northern boreal mountains of Yukon and British Columbia.

WCS Canada Conservation Report 6
Weaver, John L. (2013). Safe havens, safe passages for vulnerable fish and wildlife: Critical landscapes in the Southern Canadian Rockies, British Columbia and Montana.

WCS Canada Conservation Report 7
Weaver, John L. (2013). Protecting and connecting headwater havens: Vital landscapes for vulnerable fish and wildlife, Southern Canadian Rockies of Alberta.