MEASURE 13. Number of community natural resource management projects


Improving human livelihoods through sustainable natural resource management.


For this measure all community natural resource management initiatives are included comprising those at an early phase with only targeted research with intent to manage a resource. In Spanish and to a certain extent in English, the term community is ambiguous and varies in use between countries, as such we define community project here as a village, group of villages, local productive association or cooperative, local business, etc. The unit of measure is the project and as such a given project may include more than one community or village.


Between 2000 and 2015 WCS supported 60 community projects across the Amazon landscapes with most projects supported to date in Bolivia and Ecuador, and 188 communities participating in the 60 projects (though some communities are counted more than once in this measure) and thus the average number of communities participating in a given community project is 3.1 communities.

Figure 19. Cumulative Number of Community Projects

Figure 20. Percentage of Community NRM