MEASURE 17. Number of beneficiary families as a result of community natural resource management projects


Improving human livelihoods through sustainable natural resource management.


Simply the sum of all beneficiary (nuclear) families from community natural resource management projects recognizing that a family may benefit from more than one project and should be counted multiple times according to the number of projects each family is involved in. Care must be taken to not double count families when both spouses are partners in a given project


Figure shows annual and cumulative values for the number of beneficiary families between 2000 and 2015. Annual totals ranged between 9 and 1,596 participating families from the five landscapes with a general tendency to increase though with a drop off in 2015. Cumulative values show 4,611 beneficiary families over the last 15 years.

Figure 21. Annual and Cumulative Number of Beneficiary Families