MEASURE 21. Number of hectares managed using formally approved territorial planning instruments


Technical and financial support to development of sustainable territorial management planning instruments and visions.


This measure includes significant WCS support for management plans for protected areas of different types and categories, as well as indigenous territory life plans or management strategies, management plans for ranches or concessions and local government land-use plans. In this case considering overlapping municipalities, protected areas and indigenous territories we needed to define whether a hectare can count multiple times. Our sense was that hectares should be counted multiple times, but in the end, we decided that the database should allow for assessing overlapping hectares such that either option could be chosen for reporting.


By 2015 WCS had significantly assisted the development of formally approved territorial planning instruments for 7 million hectares across our four Amazon Landscapes, of which 5.1 million hectares are independent and non-overlapping.

Figure 24. Number of Hectares in Management Plans supported by WCS

Figure 25. Percentage of Hectares in Management Plans by Country