CITES Sharks and Rays - Implementing and Enforcing Listings: Volume I - Full Carcass ID
Rima W. Jabado; D. L. Abercrombie
This guide forms part of a three-volume series of identification guides: Volume I - Full Carcas ID [this guide], Volume II - Processed Carcass ID, and Volume III - Dried Product ID. Each of these guides has been designed to follow a similar simple structure to guide users with no previous knowledge of sharks and rays with identification of whole carcasses or different derivative products. This Full Carcass ID guide is intended for field use to assist the fishing industry, fisheries observers, enforcement bodies, researchers, policy makers, and non-specialists. It was created to enable visual identification of all shark and ray species listed in Appendix I and II of CITES that might be captured and/or landed and eventually enter the trade. It has been designed to meet the need expressed by inspectors for an identification tool that is quick and easy to use when faced with the identification of carcasses present at landing sites. Technical terms are kept to a minimum and identification features are mostly those that can be readily observed on freshly caught animals without the need for dissection or further examination.
sharks; rays; guide; CITES; trade

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