Carnivores in the Southern Canadian Rockies - Core Areas and Connectivity Across the Crowsnest Highway (Including French Summary). WCS Canada Conservation Report No.3.
Clayton D. Apps, John L. Weaver, Paul C. Paquet, Bryce Bateman, Bruce N. McLellan
This WCS report details a study of carnivores in the southern Canadian Rocky Mountains where expanding human developments, near the Crowsnest Highway in particular, pose a threat to the connectivity of habitats and wildlife populations. The authors collected data on grizzly bear, lynx, badger, bobcat, wolf, and wolverine to determine occurrence and movements relative to the highway. They identified significant areas for conservation and key corridors for wildlife movement to inform management decisions.
carnivore; Canadian Rockies; connectivity; Crowsnest Pass; fragmentation; grizzly bears; lynx; cougar
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Apps, C. D., J. L. Weaver, P. C. Paquet, B. Bateman and B. N. McLellan. 2007. Carnivores in the southern Canadian Rockies: Core areas and connectivity across the Crowsnest Highway. Wildlife Conservation Society Canada Conservation Report No. 3. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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