A Nature-Positive World: The Global Goal for Nature
Harvey Locke; Johan Rockström; Peter Bakker; Manish Bapna; Mark Gough; Jodi Hilty; Marco Lambertini; Jennifer Morris; Paul Polman; Carlos M. Rodriguez; Cristián Samper; M. Sanjayan; Eva Zabey; Patricia Zurita
The world faces interconnected crises of biodiversity loss, climate change, and human development inequities. While equitable development for humans is the focus of the Sustainable Development Goals and the goal of carbon-neutrality sums up the combined efforts under the Paris Agreement to the UNFCCC, no equivalent succinct goal exists for nature and the global agreements that address various dimensions of biodiversity. We argue for the adoption of a succinct Nature-Positive Global Goal for Nature. The goal would have three measurable temporal objectives: Zero Net Loss of Nature from 2020, Net Positive by 2030, and Full Recovery by 2050. It should be combined with development and climate goals to create an integrated overarching direction for global agreements of an Equitable, Nature-Positive, Carbon Neutral world. This integration would recognize that none of the goals is achievable without the others and would encourage a much-needed focus on synergies among the goals.
nature positive; global goal; equitable; carbon neutral

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