A guide for pollution assessment and monitoring in coastal ecosystems
Amelia S. Wenger, Evelyn Alicia Gómez Juárez, Kim Falinski, Tanya Amaya, Christopher Corbin, Katie Cramer, Jos Hill, Stacy D. Jupiter, Katherine E. Holmes, Eileen Nalley, Erica Perez, Ratih Rimayanti, Antonella Rivera, Erin Symonds, Michelle Devlin
This guide is intended for users who are interested in assessing and monitoring coastal and marine pollution to understand their own systems, to inform management, decision-making, policy effectiveness, or compliance in coastal and marine ecosystems. It is not a detailed laboratory or field guide, but an overall guide for readers to assess the state of coastal and marine pollution in their areas, identify assessment and monitoring approaches and methods that could provide the necessary information to motivate action or initiate change, and help with the selection of monitoring parameters. This document is accompanied by multiple technical documents that provide more details on methodologies to help guide selection. This guide can be used to help you identify what is needed at the very beginning of diagnosing pollution problems in your area or to provide more specific guidance on program design. The information is presented both as standalone sections or can be read as a series of sequential steps. Depending on where you are in your journey, some sections may be more relevant than others, and you may not necessarily need to follow them in a sequence. We have also outlined some example approaches to answer common questions related to coastal and marine pollution (Section 10), and have provided a Frequently Asked Questions section (Section 11). We hope the information presented here helps you to better protect coastal and marine ecosystems from pollution.
Additional Notes
Part 1 of the Coastal Pollution Toolkit, found at https://doi.org/10.19121/2024.Report.50065

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