Media-Reported Wildlife Poaching and Illegal Trade in India: 2020
Mendis, A.; Mohan, N.V.; Sengottuvel, R.R.; Sultan, N.; Shukla, S.; Lewis, R.; Deshpande, K.; Balaji, K.; Karve, A.; Mendiratta, U.
Illegal hunting of wild animals and illegal wildlife trade (IWT) continue to pose a major threat to many species across the world. Documenting this illegal trade, however, has proven to be difficult given its scale and nature. However, in the past, compilations of media reports on wildlife related offence events, including seizures, arrests, poaching events, have been used by researchers and practitioners to understand and document IWT at varying scales. Such information can give key insights into the nature of the trade, e.g. the species involved, trends, volumes, frequency, trading hubs, routes, etc., enabling better-informed countertrafficking measures and policies. Most of India has a relatively efficient enforcement system that results in a high number of seizures and arrests across the country. It also has an active media community that regularly reports on these wildlife crime events and the subsequent enforcement action. These factors have enabled us to use media reports on wildlife offence events to piece together a clearer understanding of IWT across India. We present here the results of online media report searches for the year 2020 on wildlife offence events in this report.
wildlife trafficking; illegal; illegal wildlife trade; media reports
Full Citation
Mendis, A., N. V. Mohan, R. R. Sengottuvel, N. Sultan, S. Shukla, R. Lewis, K. Deshpande, K. Balaji, A. Karve, and U. Mendiratta (2021). Media-Reported Wildlife Poaching and Illegal Trade in India: 2020. Karnataka, India: Wildlife Conservation Society, India, 1-83.

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