DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) are unique identifiers for digital materials. If you are a WCS staff member who is making a WCS-published research report or other grey literature available online, the WCS Library can assign your publication a DOI . DOIs can increase the reach and impact of your research publications​. A DOI provides persistent access to your publication, facilitates easy and proper citation, and allows your publication to be tracked by discoverability tools, including Unpaywall, and attention-monitoring tools such as Altmetric.

Use this form to request a DOI for a WCS Publication
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Utilice este formulario para solicitar un DOI para una publicación de WCS​
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Utilisez ce formulaire pour demander un DOI pour une publication WCS
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Utilize este formulário para solicitar um DOI para uma publicação da WCS
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Things to Know About ​​DOIs

  • You can request a DOI before the publication of a report (in which case you can print the DOI directly in the report) or after its publication.​
  • Each version of a publication should have its own DOI. For instance, if you are publishing a report in Spanish and a version in English, you need to request two DOIs, one for each version. Or, if you are publishing an updated version of an older report, you should request a new DOI for the updated​​ version.
  • If your work is being published by an entity other than WCS, that entity should create the DOI. Do not use the form above to request a DOI for a publication that is being published by another entity.
  • Once the DOI is created, you should always use the URL[ENTER DOI] to link to the publication.  Do not create separate upload links for the publication.
  • For more on DOIs, see the International DOI Foundation's FAQs​.